How did we get here?

I started this blog for several reasons, really. At first, I was looking to earn money. Plain and simple. I came across blogging as a way to earn while in researching how to make extra money from home. The more I entertained the idea, the more I remembered how much I used to love writing, a long time ago. Back when my imagination was still flowing and pure, back when writing made me feel alive and free. Before the abusive relationship stole my innocence. Before life became so hard, Before borderline personality disorder was a reality. Back when it was my escape. And suddenly I wanted that back. So I made a decision right then. I would start writing again. But about what? All my life consists of is my kids, work, bills and stress….and mental illness. Ahh yes, mental illness. I sure do know my fair share about that. I’ve always wanted to help others who suffer, to help end the stigma and spread awareness. And just like that a blog was born. The rest is history. So sit back, relax, ¬†and take this ride with me. I might surprise us both.


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