My Saving Grace or My Tragedy

henry-be-239191.jpgI knew the moment I saw you,
You’d change everything.
You stopped me in my tracks,
the most perfect thing I’d ever seen.

It was over from the start.
I felt things I never had before.
I never slowed down at all,
I wanted it all, wanted more.

Before I knew what I was doing,
I was so caught up in this thing with you.
I never stopped to think about my heart,
I didnt know the things you could do…

The problem is you go to extremes.
You’re either right beside me or a million miles away.
There’s no in between.
You are so intense or void of emotion

Completely in love or just saving face.
Fulfilling my needs or feeding my fears.
My Tragedy or my Saving Grace.

You will save me or I’ll be your sacrifice.
Its always one or the other,
And hard to tell which it will be.
My unhealthy addiction or My lover.

You’ll tell me exactly what I want to hear,
Or say things you know will tear me apart.
Your words either calm my soul or awaken a million fears.
You can make my head spin or will warm my heart.

Together we become a perfect storm or complete disaster.
With you, I either want to concuer the world, or burn it down around me
I feel like your queen or I am just a joker.
mostly, I’m whatever you want me to be.

Love me or leave me, need me or hate me.
Kiss me, touch me, and hug me,
Or else we just touch in passing.
I either I don’t mean much to you,
Or else I’m your everything.

Sometimes its torture, but it feels like heaven when things are good.
other times it’s so amazing, but it feels like hell when things get bad.
I’m either on cloud 9 and so fucking happy,
Or I’m an emotial wreck and just so damn sad.

It can make me dance and sing,
Or fall to the floor and cry.
It all comes so easy ur seems
And sometimes, you never even try.

Sometimes I’m thankful and feel blessed.
Others I feel like I’m cheated and cursed.
I either have it all together,
Or its all a mess.

Its everything I’ve ever dreamed Or what my nightmares are made of.
The things we want in life, or the shit we don’t.
Its chaos and hate or peace and love…
This way or that way.

A thousand “I love you’s” or one big ” I HATE YOU”
What will make me or break me.
You hold the power, you’re the only one…
You’re either my Saving Grace, or you’ll be my tragedy.


2 thoughts on “My Saving Grace or My Tragedy

    1. Thank you Samantha! I have been writing poetry and short stories since I was little. I’ve had two poems published in books. This blog is my first attempt at anything like this. Surprisingly, It’s flowing right along. But my love for peotry is still there.Borderline personality disorder is very emotional and intense,my poetry tends to be that way as well. I plan to include plenty more poetry and quotes as well, so stick around.


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