About Me

Hello! Welcome to  “My Borderline Perfect Life”. My name is Kelly. I tuned the big 3-0 this year. I am a mother of Five ( Yes I said five. Five GIRLS)  I am happily un-married to the love of my life. I have Borderline Personality Disorder. I want to thank you for stopping by. Don’t forget to subscribe with your email before you leave! So lets talk about how we got here…and what we’re doing.

A Blog About What?

When I first made the decision to become a blogger, I didn’t have a clue what I wanted to write about. So I asked myself 3 questions:

  1. What is something that’s important to me?
  2. What am I passionate about?
  3. What is something I have knowledge, understanding, and experience with?

There was ever only one answer. Mental Health. (specifically BPD). I began my jouney with mental illness at the age of 16 and have been on it every day since. I aIso made a carrer in the mental health feild that lasted almost 10 years. During these years I’ve seen and dealt with things that still blows my mind. I could go on and on about this for days ( and so a blog was born…). Okay so now we know why we are here. This is the next chapter of my story…this is just another part of my journey.

Simply Meant to Be

I feel it in my heart that I’m meant to write this blog, this is my chance to make a difference in the Mental Health world. It may only be a small differnce, I’m hoping for more. All I can do is try.

There are two main agendas i will focus, although, I will not limit myself to just these areas. Because sky’s the limit, right!

End the Stigma and Spread Mental Health Awareness

I feel like, with this blog, I have the power at my fingertips. The power to finally do my part in ending the the stigma associated with mental Health. I can use social media and the Internet to help spread awareness practically anywhere. I was meant to do this. I’ve always kind of know that. What an amazing oppertunity I have been given!!!

Spread the Message of Hope

On a more personal level, I want to send a message to anyone suffering from BPD (or any mental health issue really) and to their loved ones suffering with them. I want them to know that they are not alone. There is help out there all of us. I want to help them to gain knowledge and to understand what is happenimg TO THEM. Its never too late, there’s still hope for a better life. All they have to do it reach out and ask for help.

What you will and will not find here

This isn’t just a hobby for me. This is personal. It is an outlet to cope with my own mental health. And it will hopefully become a place where resources and help we found.

What you will find NOT in this blog…

  • Just a bunch of Facts and statisics found in books.

.         -such as the ones found in The Mental Health Journals

  • Professional sounding infornation, that read directly from another Website, book, or anything like that.
  • A lack of sypthathy or empathy
  • Judgment or criticism

What you WILL find in this blog…

  • Personal struggles
  • Real experiences
  • Goals and accomplishments
  • Raw emotions
  • information I learned first
  • Things I have seen first hand
  • Things I have educated myself on
  • Real, honest information
  • Answers..FINALLY!( If I dont know it, I will find out)
  • positive vibes
  • HELP!

*stick around….take this journey with me.

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